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Crush the Castle Crush the Castle

Rated 5 / 5 stars

try it now!!!!!!!

try my awesome map and message me if i should make more

s:540,413.35|w_s:483.35,236.65|w_s:60 0,236.65|f_s:353.4,415.05|f_s:353.25,
fl_s:540,40|fl_s:338.4,413.35|w_s:463 .3,361.65|w_s:463.35,238.3|w_s:465,11 3.3|w_s:618.35,358.35|w_s:620,235|w_s :620,110|ws_w:320,375|ws_i:456.65,3.3 |ws_i:476.65,3.3|ws_i:496.7,3.3|ws_i:
630,6.65|ws_i:610,8.3|ws_i:588.35,8.3 |p_t:475,-50|p_t:606.7,-48.35|c_s:535 ,0|c_s:533.35,356.65|c_s:368.35,373.3 5|w_i:300,343.35|w_s:638.35,358.35|w_
s:443.35,360|w_s:443.35,241.65|w_s:44 5,115|w_s:640,233.35|w_s:640,108.35|w _s:836.7,365|w_s:856.7,363.35|w_s:876 .7,361.7|w_s:896.65,361.7|w_s:840,241 .65|w_s:860,241.65|w_s:880.05,238.35|
w_s:898.35,238.35|w_s:818.35,356.65|w _s:796.7,356.7|w_s:798.35,243.35|w_s:
818.35,240|p_t:848.35,153.3|p_c:800,1 60|p_c:898.35,150|fl_s:1008.35,406.65 |fl_s:1010,391.65|fl_s:1010,378.35|w_
s:1118.35,353.35|w_s:1140,355|w_s:115 8.35,353.35|w_s:1176.7,353.35|w_s:120 0,353.35|w_s:1220,353.35|w_s:1218.35,
228.35|w_s:1200,226.65|w_s:1180,228.3 5|w_s:1161.7,230|w_s:1145,230|w_s:112 4.95,233.35|fl_s:1140,163.35|c_q:1080 ,123.3|c_k:970,335|c_p:716.7,390|

AN Escape Series #2 AN Escape Series #2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

need cheats go to my account or message me

-From the starting screen, turn twice until you are facing the back of the closet
-Take the coat hanger off the rack
-Click on the brown coat to open it, and take the pocket watch
-Click near the bottom of the screen to examine the closet floor
-Click on the toolbox
-Click on the latch to open it
-Take the tinsnips
-Click on the gray area of the toolbox to reveal the bottom
-Take the mini-crowbar
-Examine the pocket watch
-Use the tin snips with the coat hanger to create the wire rod
-Use the wire rod on the small hole at the bottom of the pocket watch to open it
-Pull (click) the switch on the right so you can move the watch hands
-Set the time to 3:35 (from the clock in the back of the old photograph)
-Take the tiny key and return to the closet
-Click the top of the screen to look at the ceiling
-Use the mini-crowbar to remove all the boards and use the tiny key on the keyhole
-In the attic room, pull the level to change the closet. Click the hole in the floor to go to the new closet
-Open the pocket of the business suit and take the personal organizer
-Examine the personal organizer and enter 111787 as the password (the date in the letter)
-Take the small key from inside
-Return to the closet, click the bottom of the screen to look at the floor
-Examine the wooden box, use the small key to open it
-Take the ruby ring
-Examine the ring. Click the ruby five times to take it out of the band
-Combine the ruby and wire rod to create the ruby key
-Face the door of the closet, examine the doorhandle
-Use the ruby key to open the pentagonal-shaped hole


AN Escape Series #1 AN Escape Series #1

Rated 5 / 5 stars

need more cheats--go to my account or message me.

-Examine the console in the bottom middle of the front seat
-Open the lid and take the flashlight
-Turn around to the back seat
-Examine the console in the bottom middle again
-This time you will see the back of the console, the ashtray
-Pull out the lighter and take the small key underneath
-Return to the back seat
-Click the bottom right or bottom left area of the screen to look at the backseat floor
-Examine the floormat on the right and take the knife from underneath
-Return to the backseat
-Click the ceiling area, above the rear window
-Use the knife to remove the wiring guide from the ceiling
-Go to the front seat
-Examine the glove box and use the small key to open it
-Take the batteries and electrical tape
-Combine the batteries and flashlight
-Return to the backseat
-Use the knife to cut the straps on each side of the cushion
-Click the cushion to set it aside
-Click the small dark gray area behind the cushion
-Enter "E40" on the numberpad (this can be seen from examining the instrument panel in the front seat. The E on the gas gauge is circled, and the speedometer is stuck on 40)
-Use the flashlight with batteries to see
-Break the cracked light cover on the left with either the knife, screwdriver, or hammer
-Take the key that falls on the floor
-Return to the front seat
-Examine the pedals underneath the steering wheel
-Use the screwdriver to open the panel underneath the steering wheel
-Following the wiring guide, only connect the red, blue, green, and gray wires. Use the electrical tape on each connection
-Examine the instrument panel behind the steering wheel
-Use the key in the ignition switch to turn the car's electricity on
-Return to the area with the pedals, and press the trunk release button
-Exit through the trunk

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The Newgrounds Card Game The Newgrounds Card Game

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


somebody please play man someone needs to play this soooo fun

Newgrounds SIM v 1.2 Newgrounds SIM v 1.2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

message if you need more cheats---cheat master

cashwad : start with $1,000,000

indestructab13: start with 3000 HP

bbsspammer: start with 50,000 bbs posts

toomanyreviews: start with 50,000 reviews

highiq: start the game with 1000 intelligence

ilovepiracy: start the game with flash + 20 flash skill

Anytime codes:

To use these codes, enter them as your profile name anytime (choose 'Edit your Profile' to do this).
These codes only last for as long as your profile name remains as that.

takeoutthetrash: Get the garbage whistle

dailydominator: All your flash will get 'Daily Feature', unless they get another award (each submission can get only one award)

Other codes:

To use these codes, enter them as your profile name anytime. They work for the first submission.

shitbomb: Get turd of the week.

Screensaver codes:

To use these codes, enter them as your profile name anytime. Their effects stay until you use another one.

Afro_Ninja: Get the Afro Ninja Productions background (for PC)

danmalo: **WARNING! This is unsuitable for younger persons!**

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Bloons Tower Defense 3 Bloons Tower Defense 3

Rated 5 / 5 stars

need help? im here ask the cheat master..for cheat

For the first few levels, get enough money to build 4-5 Dart Towers in the
middle of the screen between the two paths. Don't buy anything else or upgrade
anything else. After you've got 4-5 Dart Towers in the middle of the screen,
upgrade each one with the Piercing Darts upgrade. Once that's done, upgrade
each one with the Long Range Darts upgrade. From then on, everytime you get
enough money, buy a Dart Tower and place it on any corner of a path.
Then upgrade it again with the Piercing Darts upgrade FIRST and THEN the Long
Range Darts upgrade SECOND. Keep doing this until you have about 10 Dart Towers
on the screen (5 in the middle, 5 on the corners of paths).

After that, start buying Tack Towers and placing them on the corners of paths.
After buying one, do not buy another right away. Upgrade it FIRST with the
Faster Shooting upgrade and AFTER with the Extra Range Tacks upgrade. Make sure
to upgrade in the order I'm telling you or you won't stand a chance at winning.
Ice Towers do not destroy any bloons at all. They are a complete waste of your
time. Bomb Towers fire too slowly and do not destroy Black Bloons, the ones you
will have trouble with the most on the later levels. Once you've got about 10
Dart Towers and 10 Tack Towers set up in the positions I've told you to place
them, start saving cash for the Super Monkey. You'll need $4,000 to buy it,
but if you have done what I said above, you'll easily be able to go through
10-15 levels and get the cash you need to buy it. The Super Monkey is awesome.
Remember to place it in the middle of the screen (sell one of the first Dart
Towers you built in the middle of the screen if you don't have enough room to
place the Super Monkey). From there, it's a piece of cake. Just let the Super
Monkey do all the work for you and once you have enough money, buy more Super

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The Impossible Quiz 2 The Impossible Quiz 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

need help?

1 - Up his sleevies (Old joke)
2 - Paint (Note the space between 'green' and 'house')
3 - Earth (Others are chocolate bars)
4 - American (A merry can)
5 - Do what Frank says
6 - 8 (S-E-N-T-E-N-C-E)
7 - Press the right arrow key
8 - 10 letters in
9 - Click the creature till its a tadpole. (Click the bubble for a skip).
10 - Drag 'a penguin' and click the button underneath.
11 - Follow the instructions
12 - Fine (Its upside-down for the question)
13 - Lederhosen
14 - Click the question number twice (Match the dirt to the bricks to make letters)
15 - A backwards dog
16 - Chris
17 - Touch only the brown balloon
18 - Fly sandwiches
19 - Fusestopper
20 - Turn on the lightswitch and click on all the zits. (Purple zit on ear gives you a Fusestopper).
21 - 30 (Demo version)
22 - Pink clouds
23 - Drag the blue circle around '23' to the bottom-middle square.
24 - Space
25 - When it's a jar (Ajar, a jar, get it?)
26 - You run. You run so far away
27 - Press '1' on the keyboard
28 - This is Sparta!
29 - Search right of the water and click the gem. (Find the green bomb under 'Search!' and let it explode for a skip. Detonate black bombs by dragging them under the water).
30 - Click on the '0' in the question number
31 - Drive down the M4 (Two whales = To Wales)
32 - Click on the finger
33 - Click on the question number
34 - Click the coin saying 'death'. (The word 'this' is the instant death link it's referring to).
35 - Aim for the face
36 - Tequila (To kill her)
37 - Move the cursor off the game screen until the next question appears
38 - Mash the keyboard
39 - Same as 11, but when you turn invisible, use the circles as a guide, and when you pick up the key you can see where you are
40 - Toucan
41 - Wait for one of the circles to shrink then click it. (Hidden Fusestopper in bottom right corner).
42 - Drag the hand to Pig Buster's face. (Random cutscene alert!)
43 - A random question from IQ1, go play that if your not sure
44 - What you say!!
45 - Spell 'EIEIO' using the second 'e' in I see, the 'i' in I see, and the o in O rly?
46 - Around Orion's waist
47 - Universal serial bus
48 - USB Ports
49 - Do what Frank says. DONT do it if it doesn't say 'Frank says...' at the top
50 - Mash the mouse on Badly Drawn Dog's mouth when he picks up the bone, then stroke him with the mouse when he stops again
51 - Click the word 'came' (It changes to 'camel')
52 - Stroke the lamp till the spirit comes out
53 - Click where the 'arrow' on the G of 'pointing' is pointing
54 - Drag the mouse's tail (bottom right corner) to the circle
55 - Pokemon
56 - Near its legs (Micropenis)
57 - Four
58 - Press the space bar
59 - Drag away the 'r' in varnish. (Vanish, varnish!)
60 - Pull down Longcat as fast as possible
61 - To get to the other side
62 - Edam
63 - Click the 'q' for 'quality'. (Press 'q' on the keyboard for a skip).
64 - Find all 6 differences. (1 - Saturn planet in distance. 2 - One of the sticking out spatulas. 3 - Near top right corner. 4 - Under the Spatulon's right eye. 5 - On the far right of the Spatulon's mouth. 6 - A spot on the bottom of the screen, under the Spatulon).
65 - Goat's blood
66 - Click on all the leaves except the three around its neck. (Click the purple flower for a Fusestopper).
67 - You have to guide your mouse to the key, pick it up, and drag it to the lock. (Same as 11 and 39 basically). But its HARD. I skip it.
68 - Checkpoints are for the weak and mentally challenged. (No theyre not D=).
69 - Wait till the bomb ticks down to 2, then click on the 2
70 - Click on Chris, and COUNT the number of punches before he's knocked out. (Remember the number).
71 - 28.8kps modem
72 - Violence
73 - Mash the mouse on the creature's scissor things
74 - No
75 - The number of punches it took to knock out Chris in Q70
76 - AIDS
77 - A fat bloke
78 - Rub the handle to make it turn. (Sometimes it doesn't respond, very annoying).
79 - Drag the word 'on' into the circle. (This fooled me for, what, a couple seconds).
80 - A corpse's bra
81 - The goose. ('Anser' is

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The Impossible Quiz The Impossible Quiz

Rated 5 / 5 stars


1: Four
2: No but a tin can
3: K.o
4: Click the text "The answer" above the questions.
5: Easy, move your mouse around the window.
6: Shallots
7: An elephant
8: Mouse around, look for a green tick labeled Yes!
9: Top right button
10: Teeth
11: n
12: Click the dot in the i in "Click"
13: F'taang
14: Torch
15: Type "Horse"
16: H (Seventh, get it?)
17: Click the circled 17.
18: Click the hammer.
19: BOGGY - Blue Orange Green Green Yellow
20: Seal!
21: Top left button
22: +1 skip
23: Bran
24: Click the V in Lives
25: Shoe polish
26: Arsefacey
27: Goto 28
28: Abundance (a bun dancing)
29: Egg Mayonnaise
30: Just move it normally like those other games.
31: Woof Woof Woof
32: Babycham and human faeces
33: Seven
34: Take your mouse off the screen and wait.
35: Wait for another button to click
36: A walk.
37: Of course not.
38: Mary Rose
39: Cylindrical Adventures
40: Right click for the "bridge"
41: Click the "Afro"
42: Click the 42nd number, bottom row.
43: Tom Cruise
44: Move the pieces, find a small button (or tab on your keyboard......if you want game over =)
45: Top right button
47: Just move your mouse till you click it.
48: Snaaaake!
49: Splapp-me-do
50: O.k.
51: Just click them both a few times.
52: Carrot is the third leaf.
53: "Ma might", but pa might not.
54: No, about 20cm off the ground.
55: A games console for wholemeal biscuits.
56: Click the buttons in this order: Blue Red Blue Yellow
58: Shepherds pie.
59: Click the shoop da wooper like mad.
60: Yes!
61: Click the thumbs up
62: Click the moss (failure to pronounce S)
63: Tasteless white filth
64: Egg>28
65: Click the word "Largest"
66: Click the exclamation mark at the end of the question (!!!)
67: A big hairy arsonist
68: Stroke the kitty.
69: lol, 69
70: Using it's anus.
71: Click when green
72: Look for a light switch
73: Top right button
74: No one knows that
75: Click "Escape" under the number 75 when it appears.
76: Click sugar, then honey, then honey.
77: Question 77
78: Four
79: Click the "u" in "What do you mean?"
80: Filthy Romanians
81: Rub the pole up and down
82: Hurry up and click each toenail.
83: National Dyslexic Association
84: It's a game, you have a chance to grab some skips here. In fact you need to grab both of them.
85: I loved it!
86: The Prince
87: In the circle 87, click the invisible dot.
88: Click sonic's leg to break it.
89: Blindness
90: Nonce
91: You can tear the paper from left to right, mouse over the first tear.
92: Click 194, 27, 26, 14, 9, 3, 25, 1, 04 (DON'T SKIP)
93: Click the bomb and drag it to reveal the next button
94: Do nothing.
95: Move cursor off screen, wait for cat to chase fly
96: A right mess
97: +10 times
98: Click the words Blue, red, blue, yellow. The colour of the text means nothing.
99: Click the sign when the lights turn green
100: two
101: Type chihuahua
102: Just another game, when a small square appears, don't touch anything.
103: Search, it's easy to find the tomato. (Or tab)
104: Click the bottom right shape, the sad yellow moon.
105: Mouse over and type Banana out of some of the letters, search for them.
106: Hard mouse game, but don't use a skip.
107: Mouse over "I am ignore u", it was say game over, don't do anything and it will continue to the next question.
108: Type in the lost numbers WITH spaces. 4 8 15 16 23 42
109: click the monkey as quickly as possible, click it poops, click the arrow in the poop.
110: This question basically requires you have kept ALL your skips, or you can't win.

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Invaders 2002 Invaders 2002

Rated 4 / 5 stars


get hard when there only one alien its so fast so hard to hit......but awesome game i like orgina better though....

Newgrounds Pass 3 Newgrounds Pass 3

Rated 5 / 5 stars

need help?

The game's great! Nothing to say but the music could have been a little better... But here's something that kinda helped me out by mike101rocks.
1) operator
2) script
3) patch
4) roses
5) properties
6) lantern
7) faint
8) autopsy
9) aidem
10) lovely
11) log
12) benny
13) before/ carry on going to the top right corner and click on the trophy in a circle.
14) lolcake
15) knee
16) workspace / Go left till you find a golden cup and click on it.
17) free
18) slam
19) flat
20) mouse / Click the cat's/right ear of the mouse.
21) circle
22) logic / Click the Nintendo DS start button.
23) ground
24) narrative
25) language
26) 351
27) pinnacle / Nessesary to complete if you want to have all the achievements :/
28) hedgehog
29) yo
30) You will choose whatever you want... / Click takeover for takeover achievement
or revive for revive achievement / Type in the password bar sbc / Click N/A under
the spear.

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